Monday, 12 November 2012

Exercise: Attemp # 2!

So I am starting my simple exercise "routine" again after three months absence!  (insert ashamed look here)

I got out of it with all my visits back to the maritimes since the end of July(3 times!).  I am back at it and as determined as ever!  I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY HEALTH and, yes, WEIGHT!  I am done with not feeling like I can go up the stairs in my own house without huffing and puffing.  It's ridiculous, I say!

I am hoping to get lots of encouragement as I am changing my life... since I am "stuck"(gotta stop living in the past and start making our future here!) far away from friends and family, I am going to change my situation... I am planning to start a craft blog and start getting out and doing more... this winter, my hubby and I WILL NOT be house bound... snowshoes and cross-country skis are in our future.  I am determined!  Wow, that was a long sentence!  I have so many great family members here and Ontario is amazingly beautiful ... I want to experience more of it!

There, I've written it down and that means I am accountable to you my blog followers(all 5! ;-).  You have to keep me going and hopefully, I will provide more posts to entertain you all!

Thanks for reading...

I love you all!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ladies... get your BOOBS SQUISHED!

So after many months absent...

I am writing again to remind ladies(and sometimes men?) to get their boobs squished.  

I have just returned from my first ever real (as I went for a job requirement when I was 16/17) mammogram.... and WOW do they ever H-U-R-T!!!!!  
Now as most of my readers know, my Mom passed away Dec. 31st, 2004 of breast cancer.  What you might not know is that my Grandmother (Dad's side) did too, when I was 6 months old.  Also, I have had Aunts that have had various versions of lumps in their breasts over the years.  So..... to say the least, at age 44(about to turn 45), I was loooooooong overdue!  

I am just blogging to try and keep myself going and to get others to go "get squished" too!  While it does hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks, I would rather the 15-20 minutes of pain to the alternative!  

Thanks for reading!

Love to you all,